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The goal of the Laboratory for the Development of Creativity is to investigate specific characteristics and principles of creative thinking in all areas of creative human activities and creative thinking procedures. It has been primarily established due to the restrictions that still hold in today’s mainstream Greek educational system for the development of critical and original thinking, two elements of great importance for learning and education, along with the barriers that exist for meeting the needs of the gifted and talented individuals.

The specific aims of the Laboratory for the Development of Creativity are to:

  • Conduct empirical research for the exploration of values, attitudes and beliefs of the Greek school community members (teachers, students, parents etc.).
  • Design and implement interventions to promote the creative/gifted/talented children’s and adolescents’ learning, school adaptation, relationships with peers and their potential development within family, school, and community settings.
  • Develop networks of co-operation with other academic laboratory, university departments, institutions, associations, and scientific organizations to exchange good practices and strategies of enriching and differentiating the mainstream syllabus.

Since September 2016, the laboratory has become a Talent Point of the European Talent Support Network